Healing Lava Diffuser Necklace - Minimalist Design

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A minimalist lava bead necklace that cleanses and uplifts your emotions by diffusing your favorite essential oils. Ad a drop of lavender to stay calm and rid anxiety, add a drop of eucalyptus to soothe your sinuses and fight cold symptoms and more!


This delicate, minimalist necklace featured two layered lava bead that absorbs essential oils and naturally diffuse as you wear them. This necklace is both delicate and versatile, so it can be worn with anything. Dress down in yoga pants and flowy top and keep it as an accent piece, or glam it up with a maxi dress!

For centuries lava stone has been used for emotional and spiritual healing.


Lava bead metaphysical properties:

  • Stabilizes Root Chakra
  • Calms emotions and spirit
  • Symbolizes rebirth

Size: Each lava bead is 8mm. The necklace is 14 inches long.


This product is exclusively sold online and is NOT available in stores!

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