Green Tree Agate Marble Beads with Buddha Charm

A handcrafted bracelet for healing relationships, protection and tranquility


This bracelet is created from green tree agate beads featuring a Buddha head charm.

Tree agate metaphysical properties

  • Stabilizes Heart Chakra
  • Encourages prosperity
  • Boosts immune system 

Buddha head symbolism

Buddha charms have long been used to bring good luck, confidence, health and fertility. It reminds users to stay in touch with their divine self and treat others with respect and love.


This bracelet is approximately 7.5"-8" long (22 mala beads + 1 accent bead + Buddha head charm) and fits best on a 7.5"-7.75" wrist. Each bead has a circumference of about 8mm. 

Δ Handcrafted with Love!

TREAT YOURSELF or GIVE THE GIFT of love, light, protection, and intention...

Namaste, friend!

Please note: the metaphysical properties and symbolism of charms and/or crystals are spiritual supports to healing and isn’t intended as healthcare information.  

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