Unity Sterling Circle Pendant Necklace - Gold

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A delicate sterling silver necklace studded with crystals to represent the infinite nature of energy, and the wholeness of the universe.



This necklace is expertly handcrafted from sterling silver and features a crystal-studded circle pendant that lays flat on your chest near the heart.

 Circle Symbolism

The circle symbolizes universal, sacred and eternal life. Circles are a center point of focus and carry a spiritual energy of oneness. They represent unity and remind us that we are a unified wholeness in the field of diversity.


This necklace comes with an 18” sterling silver chain and clasp.

Δ Handcrafted with Love!

TREAT YOURSELF or GIVE THE GIFT of love, light, protection, and intention… Namaste, friend!

Please note: the metaphysical properties and symbolism of charms and/or crystals are spiritual supports to healing and isn’t intended as healthcare information.

This product is exclusively sold online and is NOT available in stores!

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