7 Chakra Stones Set

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Absorb negative energy and revitalize your aura with these 7 chakra-balancing stones.

Red Jasper – Balances Root Chakra. Alleviates stress and guards against threats of negative energy. Also helps overcome feelings of jealousy, anxiety and supports focus of tantric energy to enhance passion.

Carnelian – Balances Sacral Chakra. Emits an empowering, bold and warm energy that inspires joy, leadership and courage. Use to guard against the elements and promote luck and stamina.

Yellow Jade – Balances Solar Plexus Chakra. This is an aura-purifying stone and can also be used to stimulate positive vibes, optimism and serve as a natural energy enhancer.

Green Aventurine – Balances Heart Chakra. A healer stone that loosens blocked energy created from argument and disagreement, and can help mend broken relationships between friends and partners.

Lapis Lazuli – Balances Throat Chakra. A stimulator of wisdom and good judgment. Also, serves as a memory-enhancement and encourages creativity and positive communication.

Clear Quartz – Balances Third Eye Chakra. A powerful crystal that intensifies spiritual growth and amplifies psychic energy. Propels spirit to enlightenment and enhances wisdom of the physical and spiritual world.

Amethyst – Balances Crown Chakra. Aligns your spirit to help accelerate spiritual healing and both calm and regulate mood swings. Enhances your intuition, connection with the spiritual realm and helps renew your aura.

• SIZE: 1.1 x 0.95 x 0.5 inch (27 x 24 x 6mm)

• HEALING, BALANCE AND PROMOTE POSITIVE ENERGY by placing directly on each energy center, in your palm during meditation, next to your pillow while you sleep or in your bag or pocket for on-the-go aura protection.

• ALL-NATURAL STONES: Set includes genuine Amethyst, Red Jasper, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Yellow Jade, Carnelian and Clear Quartz to offer holistic metaphysical benefits to all 7 of your chakras.

• USES: Meditation aid, spiritual healing, emotional healing, Reiki healing, dispelling negative energies, yoga practice, with essential oils or chakra wand.

• FREE VELVET EMBROIDERED BAG with purchase to organize your stones in one convenient place.

• 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if you are not completely satisfied with your stones, return them for a complete refund, no questions asked!

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Kalah Allen

7 Chakra Stones Set

Tiombe G.
My beads and stones

So far i like my order came promptly i put some of my spiritual oil on them prayed to God and we will see

Tammy Hanselman
7 Chakra Stones set

I like them

Pamela Cox

7 Chakra Stones Set

Seham Almoayyed

Still not get my order

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