The Story of Two Sisters (and a Dad)

(Written by Dad)

When I was 16 I used to work as a Wendy's burger flipper and a fry guy. I then worked at Subway and eventually every 90's teen's dream: Blockbuster Video, where I could rent all the movies I wanted for free! I landed myself in the e-commerce world selling my own products and brands, and as I became more fluent with the process, my daughters have taken interest in being entrepreneurs themselves. Madison and Bella always wanted to use 'Madibella' as a name, they just didn't know what category to use until they saw a lot of their friends asking for bracelets they were making.

Fast forward to the Madibella store. Hand selected bracelets, necklaces, rings; some sourced from all over the world, some designed and created by either Madison or Bella, and this is a business they operate. As the Dad, I help guide them in the right direction and keep the systems running smoothly, but all of the revenue made from this is for them.

Thank you for all of your support and we really appreciate your business.



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