108-Bead Authentic Natural Sodalite Stone Mala Prayer Necklace with Long Blue Tassel

An authentic 108-bead mala necklace you can use for mindfulness, setting your intention or just drape around your neck and wrists.


This is a yoga and meditation mala necklace made with 108 Natural Sodalite beads strung on a long blue tassel. Each bead has a circumference of about 8mm.

108 Symbolism

There are several theories about the meaning of 108, and everyone has their own personal relationship and intention with their malas—below are a couple theories about 108 that we identify with:

  • There are 108 energy lines to your heart chakras.
  • The 1 represents the “oneness,” that we are all one part of the bigger picture or universe, the 0 represents the non-permanence of the physical world, and the 8 is a vertical representation of infinity.

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

  • Establishes inner peace
  • Clears up mental fog
  • Aids truthfulness, intuition and public speaking

Tassel symbolism

The tassel’s strands delicately combine as one in the base, representing our connection to divine forces. It also symbolizes:

  • Enlightenment
  • Consciousness
  • Universal life force or prana.

Δ Handcrafted with Love!

TREAT YOURSELF or GIVE THE GIFT of love, light, protection, and intention...

Namaste, friend!

Please note: the metaphysical properties and symbolism of charms and/or crystals are spiritual supports to healing and isn’t intended as healthcare information.


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